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The Phoenix Rising Center is a place where all people no matter what their cultural, financial or faith base background is, can come to receive drugless cancer care or for any health challenge.  Drugless cancer care will firstly include homeopathic medicine which was the first regulated medicine in Ontario even before pharmaceutical medicinal.  Homeopathic medicine has been researched, accepted and written in medical journals showing homeopathic medicine curing brain, lung and breast cancer, just to name a few cancers.  As well iridology may be used as an evaluation tool to see areas of congestion, stagnation and/ or toxicity as well as weaknesses throughout the body.  The eyes are a wonderful tool of evaluation.

Do you know that cancer has been around since Hippocrates?  There have been many theories about how cancer begins. The long story short version is a cell goes astray from what it was originally meant to do.  It mutates and duplicates, over and over again. Normally an unhealthy cell would die but something is different about a cancer cell, its DNA has changed.   A person may get cancer for any of a long list of reasons, thus the drugless cancer care program will be designed to fit each individual patient.  Beyond providing drugless cancer care we should all think about doing drugless cancer care prevention with a homeopathic constitutional remedy.

p.s. if you would like additional information please feel free to contact me at founder@phoenixrisingcenter.ca