Each week I will be writing an article on choices for your health and wellness. Nobody should care more about your health and wellness then you! 

My intent is to provide basic, fundamental information that gets you the reader thinking about the options or choices you can put in place to either regain or keep your health.  There was a time in my life where I went through 18 months when my health and wellness was compromised.  During that period of time I am not sure what the worst part of my health challenge was, having no answers, waiting for test results or the physical changes I went through. This experience changed the direction of my life.

 I will be sharing information that I learned on my personal journey back to great health. As well I will be passing on the information I have obtained with my professional training, as a complimentary primary care provider. I hope you the reader will appreciate my straight forward, common sense, sometimes sarcastic approach.  If it makes you smile, I will have succeeded at helping you obtain better health because smiling and laughter are good for you. Did you know you can’t be depressed if you are laughing?

So let’s begin.

Three basic steps to good health.

Step one: Water, plain, clear, basic water.  Our body is 65%+ fluids. Water is critical. I can hear it now from some of you, I hate drinking water!  Water is needed to cleanse your body, flush out the toxins and hydrate your cells. There is a general rule of thumb that states you need 8 glasses of water a day but in reality you really need to personalize it based on your body weight.  Take your body weight e.g. 150 lbs, divide it in half, 75, now divide it by 8, which tells you that you need to drink 9 and 1/3, 8 oz. of water a day.  Now, if you drink caffeine or any carbonated beverages you need to add the same amount of water as the aforementioned fluids.  Caffeine and carbonated beverages are natural dehydrates to the body.  If you drink distilled or reverse osmosis water you need to remineralize your water since the purification process removed the minerals in the water.  You need the minerals to transport the water through your cells.

Step two: Fiber both soluble and insoluble.  Soluble fibers are foods like oatmeal, kidney beans, chick peas, grains and more.  Soluble fiber helps to grab onto excess fat and sugar thus blocking excess amounts from going into your blood stream.  Insoluble fiber on the other hand helps to keep the intestinal track moving on a timely basis. As well insoluble fiber, which is fresh fruits and vegetables are alive food and are needed for good digestion.  We need the enzymes that insoluble fiber provides to utilize our food at a cellular level.

Step three: This could be the step that some are not familiar with. Mineral soaks, not Epsom salt baths but full spectrum mineral soaks. Our bodies are minerally based and a mineral soak is the best way to get the minerals in our lymphatic system and then into the blood stream. From the blood stream to all the organs and systems of the body. You need to have at least 1 lb of mineral salts in a bath, soak for a minimum of 20 minutes, minimum 1x’s a week for maintenance, but the key is the water is not to be hot.  The water can be a comfortable temperature but you are not supposed to be sweating.  If you are sweating you are detoxing and that is not what you want to do, you want to absorb the minerals through your skin. Think of the concept of the Dead Sea.  People go into the Dead Sea, immerse themselves, to be healed.  Instead of you going to the Dead Sea for the minerals, you bring the minerals to you.  Check out Dr. Mercola’s website. He just did a great video on the benefits of mineral salts.

I will be talking about mineral soaks/baths on a regular basis.  I can’t stress enough how important they are.

Some of the articles I will be writing about will include but not limited to arthritis, lymphatic system, the liver, allergies, homeopathic medicine, fibromyalgia, cancer, the role of the ministry of health and more.  If you the reader would like me to write about a certain topic, please feel free to send me an email with your request. I truly look forward to assisting you on your journey to great health and wellness.

Diane Elms is a registered homeopath and specialist in iridology. Any health-related questions can be sent to diane@choicesforhealthandharmony.com