Last week I wrote about stress and how it affects the immune system.  The technical name for the immune system is the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is the main defense mechanism against disease.  In my opinion there are a few systems of the body that you really need to understand and the lymphatic system is one of them.  The challenge is if you don’t know what the lymphatic system is or does, how can you take care of it?

The lymphatic system is a fascinating system of the body and the only system that blood does not circulate through but rather the lymphatic system dumps lymphatic fluid into the blood stream.  In fact the lymphatic system has 4 xs as much fluid in the body then blood.  I want to make sure you take that statement to heart, so I will repeat it.  The lymphatic system has 4 xs as much fluid in the body then blood.

The lymphatic system plays three important roles in the body, 1) Immune response, 2) transportation of dietary lipids and lipid soluble vitamins such as A, D, E, and K, 3) drainage of excess interstitial fluid.  Think about this for a moment, if you accumulate fluids also called edema, maybe the root cause is the lymphatic system.  As well if your cholesterol levels are off, even though you eat the right foods, exercise and still your cholesterol levels are off maybe, just maybe it has to do with the lymphatic system.  Many people are low in Vit D, which is absorbed in your intestinal area, thus look to the lymphatic system and/or intestinal area for the root cause.

Let’s look at the role the lymphatic system plays in immune response! I am referring to my notes from my anatomy and physiology class taught by a medical doctor, he relayed to the class that there are approximately 600 lymph nodes in the human body. Lymphatic fluid flows through the lymph nodes as well as the lymphatic fluid flows through specific immune organs of the body, for example one organ is the spleen.  Lymphatic fluid carries T cells which destroy intruders as well as B cells that protect against disease by producing antibodies.  There are inner lymph’s, example bone marrow and outer lymph’s example lymph nodes.  We also have lymph’s in our small intestines called peyer’s patch.

Inflammation is classified as a non specific defensive response, thus any inflammation in the body including arthritis has to do with the immune system, more specifically the lymphatic system. Inflammation can be redness, pain, heat and swelling, but doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have all 4 characteristics. Again, inflammation is a non specific DEFENSE response. I capitalized defense because the body is trying to tell you something through inflammation.

Breast cancer ranks in the top 3 cancers of women, along with lung and colon.  Many times the lymph nodes are also involved.  In iridology the outer lymph’s are seen in zone 6 and inner lymph’s in zone 3.  I believe most people would like to know if their lymph’s are congested so they can be proactive.

Being proactive is rather simple when it comes to the lymphatic system.  Since the lymphatic system dumps into the blood and blood does not circulate through it, you have to move the lymphatic system.  The rebounder or mini trampoline is the best exercise for moving the lymphatic system.  Not a big trampoline but a mini trampoline.  Google and YouTube have some really good videos on how to utilize the rebounder.  By the way Dr. Bernard Jenson, a master nutritionist, chiropractor and iridologist suggested using a rebounding back in the 50”s for the lymphatic system.

Mineral soaks are critical.  As you soak in the mineral bath you absorb the minerals into your skin, into the interstitial fluid, into the lymph’s and boosting your immune system with the minerals. As well cleaning the lymphatic nodes.  Just last week a patient who has lymphoma came for a follow up.  He originally had 3 small lymph’s congested on his right arm, they had been diagnosed by his medical doctors. As well as a large lymph measuring 3 inches with another 3 inches of fluid around the tumour on his left groin area. After 2 weeks of mineral soaks, 3 xs’s a week, the lymph’s on his right arm were none detectable.  The lymph on his left groin area had been reduced in size by 1/3 of an inch.  The extra 3 inches of fluid was no longer there.

 As well manual lymphatic drainage through specific lymphatic massage is great.

Your lymphatic system serves you well, make sure you give your lymphatic system what it needs.

Diane Elms is a homeopath and specialist in iridology.  If you have any health related questions you can contact her at