I was all prepared to sit down and write this article, I had even decided to write about vitamin c when I watched a face book post. The post was from CBN news, interviewing Dr. Steven Standiford a cancer surgeon from the Cancer Treatment CTRS. of America, and Dr. Michael Barry author of The Forgiveness Project. The two of them talked about research showing 61% of the cancer patients interviewed had issues of unforgiveness. So I knew I had to change my subject for today and write about this study.

You see it has been my personal opinion that emotional issues play a huge part of one’s health. If you have been reading the healthy habit articles for any length of time you probably have seen this mentioned in previous articles. But now there is a study.

As the study explains, when you have unforgiveness in your heart you are in a state of chronic anxiety. In this state of chronic anxiety the body releases cortisol and adrenaline which depletes the body’s natural killer cells that are needed to fight disease. You can view the entire interview by looking up CBN.com, The Deadly Consequences of unforgiveness. As well you can look up CBN.com, unforgiveness is classified in medical books as a disease.

Greg Anderson wrote a great book titled Cancer and The Lord’s Prayer, Hope and Healing Through History’s Greatest Prayer. In his book he walks through the emotion of unforgiveness. It is a great book. I have talked about this before but want to bring the point home; unforgiveness affects your overall health and wellness. In fact for some, research now shows, it might be killing you.

I have been thinking about putting a seminar together to help people in this area. There would be no charge and at this point I don’t have any details of when or where. Let me know if you are interested in attending or you have a facility available to host and I will see what I can do about putting a seminar together. Email would be the best way to contact me, diane@choicesforhealthandharmony.com.
My greatest joy is to help people achieve their greatest potential in their health and wellness.

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