Addictions! Please keep reading. Most people when the word addiction is said they first think of illegal drugs or alcohol but many people have other forms of an addiction that society or you the reader might not think of as an addiction. Firstly let’s understand what an addiction is. It is anything that you can’t stop. It has control of you. The list includes work, coffee, sex, cigarettes, food of any kind, pop and the list is extensive, it can even be something healthy like exercise.

I am all for people going to detox, going cold turkey or trying whatever means they can to get rid of their addiction. But the fact of the matter is, you have to go to the root cause of why you have the addiction if you are ever going to be free of it. Why do you have the addiction? What got you started? Why did one innocent drink become a horrible addiction? What is your addiction covering up or helping you get through? What does your addiction do for you? Many people who have gone to detox repeat their addiction because they did not go to the root cause of their addiction. Thus they haven’t fixed the problem, again what does your addiction do for you?

The last question, what does your addiction do for you might be hard to answer now if your addiction has been long term. You might not remember how that drink first made you feel and what you were trying to avoid. You can replace drink with whatever addiction it is that you have.

Do you eat when you are bored? You might not even be hungry but you eat to fill the void. People tell me they smoke for stress relief or quiet time to themselves and they can’t stop smoking, it would cause them stress. Again, anything you can’t control, or you don’t have a handle on becomes an addiction.
You need to do some soul searching and find out your why you do it? I will tell you that I have seen many people with addictions get some help through homeopathic medicine. Homeopathic medicine not only deals with the physicals but with the mental and emotional state of a person. Nine times out of ten the mental and emotional state is where you need to begin to beat an addiction.

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