Recently there has been a lot of information about adrenal fatigue and the side effects of adrenal fatigue. I agree I am seeing more and more patients testing positive for adrenal fatigue. So I was thinking maybe it’s time to start doing some adrenal prevention. I realize there are many adrenal support supplements on the market but in my research two simple solutions made sense. The two simple solutions are cinnamon and magnesium. In this Healthy Habits article cinnamon will be the focus.

Firstly I want to clearly express that even though cinnamon is a great spice with many health benefits you ultimately have to make the decision if this spice will be beneficial to you. That goes for all information you may read. When someone shares with you that something worked for them, you have to understand that you may not be deficient in what information was shared with you and thus not need it. Taking more “stuff” doesn’t mean you will be healthier.

When I first started doing some research on cinnamon I thought it was the wonder spice and maybe it really is. Cinnamon has anti inflammatory properties that could be helpful in many health issues such as arthritis, IBS and even type 2 diabetes. As well this spice has anti fungal and anti bacterial properties which may be helpful with the flu, intestinal issues and fungal nails as well as the dreaded candida. Other information states that cinnamon has been known to reduce the bad cholesterol or LDL in people, helped control PMS, as well reduced and showed prevention properties of Alzheimer’s. Now you understand why I made the comment that cinnamon could be the wonder spice. As well it is inexpensive. But there is a caution when using cinnamon if you are on any type of blood thinner, you shouldn’t use it. Thus cinnamon also works to increase circulation and acts as a blood thinner. But getting back to adrenal fatigue, ¼ tsp of cinnamon may help to keep your adrenals healthy.

Sometimes you just have to thank Mother Nature for all her natural goodness.

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