Can your body parts regenerate? The answer is yes and no. How is that for answering my own question?

Many years ago I was at a conference and heard, the body has the ability to regenerate. The speaker talked about the skin and how it heals after you cut yourself and I agree that can happen. In fact just recently I read an article by on how the whole body can rebuild itself in about 2 years. The article stated that 98% of the body’s cells die and are replaced in 365 days. In more detail the article stated skin replaces every month, liver in 6 weeks, stomach lining in 5 days, blood regenerates in 4 months and the bones in 3 months. So if that is true why is there sickness?

I think that is a fair question for anyone to think about! If the body has the ability to replace itself, why doesn’t it? In my opinion that is an even better question.

In one sentence, you have to give the body what the body needs and take away what the body can’t use or is detrimental to the body. It might sound easy but most people, not all people but most people are not able to complete that task. There are many reasons why someone might not be able to give the body what the body needs. One might be finances, which they truly cannot afford to eat organic fresh fruits and vegetables to provide the nutrients. Another reason might be is they really don’t know what is best for them, every person is different, there isn’t a one size fits all in nutrition. Maybe they need help in preparing the proper food for them and the help isn’t available. There are valid reasons why some don’t give their body what their body needs.

Then on the flip side some are not willing to give up what they shouldn’t be putting into their bodies. I personally think this is the bigger of the issues. When you are trying to regain your health the list of foods and liquid beverages you shouldn’t be consuming is very long.

So going back to the original question, body parts can regenerate provided the proper tools are utilized to help the body regenerate. You can’t expect to take from a bank account that has no money in it, just like you can’t expect cells to be healthy and regenerate when the bank/body account is empty.

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