As I have been reading through many definitions of dementia, my conclusion is it’s basically a brain disease. A disease happens when cells get damaged due to many different reasons. In the case of dementia the brain cells that have been damaged interfere with the brains ability to communicate with all the cells in the brain. This lack of communication can lead to challenges with thinking, feeling and even behaviour. What symptoms appear depends on what area of the brain has the damaged brain cells.

So how do these brain cells get damaged?
1) Some studies link age to dementia. Yet many people who have seen 80 plus years don’t have dementia.
2) Some studies link genetics to dementia.
3) Other studies have linked diet as the cause of dementia.
4) Several studies link a lack of exercise as a cause.
5) Many studies have a common ground of linking cardiovascular issues as a cause of dementia.

Personally I believe that the cause of dementia is likely a combination of a few of the listed factors and with some new healthy habits you could slow down or maybe even stop the process of this brain disease, depending on how fast you recognize the signs of dementia. I say this because if we look at history some diseases have been stopped in their tracks. Take for an example heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, some people have been able to change their life style and take on some healthy habits which have given them a new lease on life and living.

Let’s look at the list of what can cause brain cells to be damaged. 3 out of the 5 causes listed are within your control, diet, exercise and cardiovascular health. We are all going to age but as we age maybe some prevention steps could be put in place like changing your diet, it certainly can’t hurt. Genetics is really the only thing you can’t change but that is only 1 out of the 5 on list of possible causes of dementia.

Keeping the blood flowing to your brain is a key aspect of good health. When you do cardiovascular exercise you are supplying your blood with oxygen and the oxygen rich blood is critical for good brain health. Cardiovascular exercise increases your heart rate, which is a key component. It is important to keep your cardiovascular system healthy which includes plaque free arteries to allow the blood to flow freely. A Mediterranean diet which is rich in healthy good oils such as olive oil and avocados, coconut oil, grains, fruits and vegetables as well as seeds and nuts while limiting certain proteins is a good cardiovascular food plan. One study I read linked high cholesterol to dementia thus reiterating a good cardiovascular system is important for more than just your heart.

If you noticed a family member losing short term memory or being confused over matter that normally wouldn’t confuse them, maybe it’s time to have a chat with them. See your doctor and get checked out.

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