Today’s article is about eating clean. Just to be clear, eating clean doesn’t mean you wash your hands before you eat, if that didn’t come off as a funny, it was meant too. In a nut shell, eating clean is eating foods that aren’t processed.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a large portion of what eating clean is all about. At this time of year it shouldn’t be hard to eat clean, fresh fruits and vegetables are at an abundance. We are very fortunate to live in an area where produce is grown. Buying direct from the farmer is the absolute best way to purchase your fruits and vegetables.

I truly believe we are what we eat.

Eating clean provides great fiber, vitamins, minerals, protein and the best type of carbs. One thing eating clean isn’t, is a diet! You are changing a lifestyle pattern. In the beginning it will take some thought and preparation to eat clean. It won’t take long though until the changes will be a normal routine. When you go shopping for your groceries for an eating clean lifestyle you will be shopping in the outside aisles of the store.

There are some basic principles to a good healthy eating program; 1) eat 6 small meals a day instead of 2 or 3 large meals. 2) drink water 3) stay away from refined and processed foods 4) make sure you are eating 70 % good grains, fruits and vegetables, 20% protein and 10% good oils on a daily basis.

You can look on line for a checklist of basic supplies you will need for eating clean, but here are some ideas, spices and herbs, lemons, limes, oatmeal, brown rice, almonds, dates, cranberries, mustard, olive oil, garlic, onions, chick peas, chicken breasts, fish, salmon, fresh fruits and vegetables. As well if you are serious about changing your food habits to a healthy style of eating, you might consider cleaning out your cupboards of processed foods.

I watched a news clip of a man that just celebrated his 110th birthday. He is physically and mentally active as well as he is in good health. His daily food intake sounded like a clean diet.

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