I hope today’s healthy habit doesn’t offend anyone but I feel it’s a topic that needs to be discussed, so here goes, erectile dysfunction. I am sure you have all seen one of the many different varieties of commercials for erectile dysfunction and or low testosterone for men. It is hard to miss them. They usually show this fit, strong looking male doing one thing or another while the spoken words in the background go on something like, you have it all right now, you deserve it, so don’t let erectile dysfunction stand in the way. Then the following spoken words begin, this medication could cause loss of vision or hearing, side effects are headaches, facial flushing, stomach issues, increased risk of heart attacks, stroke, etc. etc. Then there are the commercials for low testosterone, where the man rolls on the medication under his arm, looks something like putting deodorant on. The spoken word, if you are pregnant or under the age of 18 you should not come in contact with this medication. I am not trying to be insensitive to men with this issue but I don’t understand how any medication that women and children shouldn’t come into contact with would be good for any male.

In my practice I have noticed younger and younger men with male related issues. It is not uncommon to hear men in their early forties experiencing difficulty with either erectile dysfunction or a drop in sexual desire which could be associated with low testosterine.

In last week’s article I wrote about Vitamin D being a hormone and that I have noticed men with low Vitamin D and male related issues. As well I also wrote that the best way to get Vitamin D is by being exposed to the sun, yet I have noticed men with low levels of Vitamin D and male related issues who work outdoors. There has to be a connection.

Firstly any male experiencing erectile dysfunction or loss of sexual desire should get their hormone levels tested. Not just testosterone but estrogen, progesterone and DHA, as well as your Vitamin D levels. Here is one example why you need all the levels tested, a male patent loss of sexual desire had low testosterone levels and extremely high estrogen levels. Not only is this a recipe for other health related issues, but you can take all the testosterone you want, if you don’t bring the estrogen levels down the testosterone won’t be affective.
You need to go to the root cause of the issue. So is the root cause blood flow, is it high estrogen, is it depression, there isn’t one answer fits all so there shouldn’t be one medication fits all.

If estrogen is high you can take indol 3 carbinols in high doses. The indole 3 carbinols can block estrogen receptors. If you are overweight and or have a belly that could be the cause of both erectile dysfunction and loss of sexual interest. There are many causes and many answers. As well you can take homeopathic testosterone and not have the side effects as the pharmaceutical testosterone medication.

Ok, here goes, having erectile dysfunction isn’t the end of the world in fact it might be the beginning of a whole new intimate experience. I use the word intimate which is quite different from sheer sexual pleasure. It could be time to use your heart to guide you with intimacy instead of just male related organs.

Diane Elms D.H.M.H.S., CCI, CCII, Homeopath, Specializing in Drugless Cancer Care, 2006 Iridologist of the Year, if you have any health related questions contact diane@choicesforhealthandharmony.com or 905 768 0848.