Myalgia is becoming more common today then say 10 or 20 years ago when fibromyalgia was thought to be an issue that was all in your head. The word myalgia means pain with in muscles. Then when you add a word in front of myalgia it gives a more specific location to the pain. Take the word fibromyalgia, it means widespread musculoskeletal pain and the word polymyalgia refers more to inflammation of muscles and or connective tissues with pain.

The arthritis foundation’s website gives a good description of the difference between fibromyalgia and polymyalgia. The one big difference is polymyalgia is thought to be an autoimmune disease, where your body is actually attacking its own immune system and inflammation is the main area of concern. Whereas fibromyalgia is thought to be more of an over stimulated central nervous system. Both myalgia’s have different overall symptoms besides the pain. From my clinical perspective 99 % of all patients that have been medically diagnosed with fibromyalgia are also an iris constitution by structure called anxiety tetanic. There are four iris constitutions and the anxiety tetanic is a neuro muscular person therefore predisposed to neuro muscular weaknesses, which fits the medical definition of over stimulated central nervous system with musculoskeletal pain.

In these photo you will see rings, hose rings identify the structure type, as well all iris colours can be an anxiety tetanic structure type, .
With any health issue you have to think, what is the root cause? In fibromyalgia it is an over stimulation of the central nervous system and from that other symptoms may occur, the biggest being pain. Pain can spiral into fatigue, depression, lack of concentration, interrupted sleep and irritability. You have to think for yourself, how do I add to the over stimulation of the central nervous system. Do you drink more coffee or alcohol then your body can handle? Are your adrenals fatigued? Are you exercising enough and in the best possible way for your body? We are all different. There is no one answer that fits all sizes and shapes of people. The healthy habit suggestion for today is, you need to find out what works for you.

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