What organ or body part is the most important one in the body?  Think about it for a minute.

Well it could be the heart.  If the heart stops beating, it would be pretty hard to pump blood throughout the body and without blood there would be no oxygen.  So maybe it’s the blood because it brings nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.  Or maybe it is the lungs because of the oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange.  We couldn’t survive without oxygen, just like we couldn’t survive with too much carbon dioxide in our bodys.  Well if we think about it, maybe it is the brain because it has to tell the body parts what to do and without that signal, nothing would work.  I don’t know, maybe it is the liver, or kidney’s, maybe the pancreas?  I guess I would have to state maybe there isn’t one body part that is the most important.

I know I was playing with you, but I wanted you the reader to think.  There are a lot of vital organs in the body, meaning they are vital to our health and wellness and then there are secondary body parts that aren’t vital but we work a whole lot better with them, such as the gallbladder, spleen, eyes, ears, arms and legs.  The real conclusion is the body works as a whole and we should think about our body as a whole.  What would be best for the whole body?

Sometimes it is difficult to know what to do when you are not feeling well and specifically if you are not sure why you are not feeling well.  Even more frustrating when you have been trying different things and you still are not feeling well.  What to do?

Maybe it’s time for a full body scan.  I personally have had two full body scans done. These scans are not covered by OHIP but in my opinion one was very worthwhile.  The body scans I had done are done through a thermo process.  A series of photos are taken with a special camera and then the photos are sent to qualified doctors who read the photos.  Sounds no different than if you had an ultra sound or x-ray, a series of photos are taken and then a qualified doctor reads the photos except these photos are different.  Your body heat is what this camera picks up.  The different temperatures reflex into different colours. From these different colours the doctor can tell things like lymphatic congestion or a tumour, muscular or spinal challenges, if your adrenal or thyroid is function properly and even if your immune system is challenged due to a spinal sublexation or because your immune system truly is having a problem.

As I mentioned I have had two body scans.  In everything some are better than others.  Do your homework before booking a full body scan, get a referral if you know of someone who has had a scan and ask to see a sample report of a finished scan.  If the scan is all about selling supplements I would suggest you continue to look for another company to do your scan.

If you are frustrated and don’t know what is going on with your health and wellness and you want answers, or you want to be proactive, a very healthy habit would be to get a full body scan done.

Diane Elms Homeopath, D.H.M.H.S., CCI, CCII, Specializing in Drugless Cancer Care, 2006 Iridologist of the Year, if you have any health related questions contact diane@choicesforhealthandharmony.com or 905 768 0848.