Last week I took what I call a research/reading retreat. I had three books I wanted to read and investigate the facts presented in the books. I was only able to finish one book because the research trail was enormous. The book was called The life and trails of Gaston Naessens, The Galileo of the Microscope written by Christopher Bird. Across the top of the book, in a banner is written 714-X Cancer Aids.

From the information presented in the book I am not sure how to begin this week’s healthy habits which is about a natural product I just heard about called 714-X. My dilemma is do I focus on a natural product that seems to boost ones immune system to then allow the body to rebuild and then eliminates all signs of cancer, MS, aids and other chronic diseases. Or do I focus on Gaston Naessens discovery of the 714-X natural product or on the fact that Gaston also invented a microscope that looks at live blood in real time and can detect cancer in it’s very early stages. Should the article focus on the trial Gaston Naessens went through, in Quebec from November 10th to December 1st 1989, only to be acquitted and to have a judge take the stand in his defence. Judge Monsieur Wilhelmy’s wife used 714-X and all signs and symptoms of cancer disappeared, Judge Wilhelmy stated, ” how unfortunate it is that the treatment has to be sought out in so clandestine a manner. Does this not imply there’s something legally askew?” Last and not at all least should this article focus on McMaster Medical Centre in Hamilton, who was given $200,000.00 a year from 1972-1975 to do research on 714-X and worked with Gaston Naessens only to not follow his protocol of administration of injecting the natural product in the lymph’s located in the groin area. Or one more, should I focus on the fact that the National Cancer Institute state on their website that if anyone in Canada asks for this natural product they should be able to get it from their doctors only if all other measures were not affective, it’s listed under humanitarian reasons within the Emergency Drug Release Act. You see this natural product is made in Canada but you and I cannot buy it. It can be shipped anywhere in the world except Canada.

Now I think you can see my dilemma!

Firstly I would like to thank one of my patients who is also a faithful reader of this column for sharing his knowledge of Gaston Naessens.

Gaston’s product 714-X is made from natural sources and injected into the lymph’s in the groin area, which by his analogy boosts the immune system to then allow the body to deal with the chronic condition of the body. This follows the general theory of natural healing, give the body what the body needs and the body can heal itself, but that is just my opinion.

Now I need to book another research/reading retreat to get the other two books read!

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