Today’s healthy habit is about Vitamin D. For some time now I have been wondering why some of my patients Vitamin D levels are low, especially men. Even more confusing is the majority of the men with low Vitamin D work outside in the sun. Sun exposure is how we obtain Vitamin D, or more specifically how we obtain Vitamin D3. Therefore if they are working outside their Vitamin D levels should be high. Something wasn’t adding up. Another piece to the puzzle was these same men who were low in Vitamin D were also having erectile dysfunctions and low sex drive. I will address the aforementioned issues in another article.

Like most health issues that you look up on the internet you may find conflicting information, Vitamin D is no different. How much Vitamin D a person needs can range from 600 IU to 2000IU depending on what website you are looking at. Many articles I have read say the majority of the population is low in Vitamin D and people should supplement. Let’s explore that statement.

Firstly, before someone starts taking a Vitamin D supplement you should get your blood work done. Even if you have to pay to get Vitamin D tested, which in my opinion you shouldn’t have to but even if you do, get it done. If the test is $35.00 and your levels are fine you saved yourself the money of purchasing an unnecessary supplement. If your levels are low you now have a bench marker to gauge if you need to take a higher dose or lower dose of Vitamin D. Since there are scientific studies showing low Vitamin D levels lead to osteoporosis, type 1 diabetes, muscle and bone pain, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, multiply sclerosis, lymphoma and increased blood pressure, I think testing Vitamin D levels should be part of routine blood work, like your red and white blood cells.

Vitamin D2 comes from plant based foods and Vitamin D3 comes from animal based food and the sun. Let’s focus on getting Vitamin D3 for a minute. I try to think and look at things in a logical manner. If men who work in the sun have low levels of Vitamin D, what is happening? Maybe, just maybe all the talk of putting sun screen on is preventing the sun’s rays from penetrating into the skin, just a thought. As well maybe we need to take off the sunglasses for a bit every day to allow the sun’s rays to be absorbed by the eyes. Of course common sense needs to play into this scenario for a good balance. I wouldn’t suggest taking the sunglasses off during 11-2 o’clock when the sun is at its intensity, same with sunscreen. But I do feel you could go without sunglasses and sunscreen mornings and later in the day. In fact Andreas Moritz wrote a book called, Heal Yourself with Sunlight. As well I have read several studies showing people with adequate Vitamin D levels reduce their risk of all cancers by 50%.

As well Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, meaning it is stored in the fat tissues until it is needed. When the body needs calcium for bones or muscles and heart function because the heart is a muscle it will start pulling it from storage. As well Vitamin D is a steroid hormone.

Dr. Mercola wrote an article about Vitamin D and in his article he states you have to have Vitamin K or you can’t utilize Vitamin D in the body. I was not aware of that fact but I know in order to utilize calcium your body also needs Vitamin D and Zinc
In conclusion I still think the best way to get Vitamin D is through the sun. If you are a person who is in the sun on a regular basis without barriers like sunscreen and sunglasses the root cause for your body not holding Vitamin D is somewhere else in the body. Put on your detective hat and get started locating the possible root cause.

Diane Elms D.H.M.H.S., CCI, CCII, Homeopath, Specializing in Drugless Cancer Care, 2006 Iridologist of the Year, if you have any health related questions contact or 905 768 0848.