Healthy Habits are more than just what you eat, drink, take as supplements or even how much exercise you get.  Healthy habits have to do with the whole of you which includes your emotional and mental state as well.  I know some people laugh when I talk about one’s emotional state but really all it means is how you react to life’s situations on a regular basis. It’s not how people treat you or the stress you deal with but how you deal with the stress and the people. What is your reaction?

Ok, think about a stressful situation or someone that irritates you to no end.  I literally mean think about it! Notice what happened in your body.  For some your stomachs went into a knot, others their shoulders tensed up, while others it could be a nervous cough, tension headache, can’t sleep, grabbed something to eat or went and lit up a cigarette.  That is your reaction.  All of the aforementioned reactions affect your health and wellness.

I realize that life brings challenges.  You and I have limited ability to control the people or situations around us and if you think you can control everything you are delusional. The only thing we have any type of control over is our reaction. You need to be honest with yourself and reflect on your reaction, you are the only one that can help you with your reaction.

As for our mental state, that can be a bit more complicated.

I observed a young mother telling her preschool aged child, “Don’t touch that fence, I saw a spider on it the other day”.  A simple comment but a much bigger picture of her mental state.  The mother obviously has issues with spiders.   Now the mother is embedding her mental issue of spiders onto her child. The key is, how that child will react the next time they see a spider.  It is all about that child’s reaction.  They could be fearful of the spider or it might not bother them at all.

Here is another example. Someone makes a negative comment towards you.  How would you react?  Would it bother you? If you knew the comment was a lie, would it still bother you?  If so why? Would you have to prove yourself to that person and those who maybe heard the comment or could you let it go?  Be honest with yourself.

I hear all the time from my patients, “if only they knew this is how I felt inside, but most people see me as this (fill in the blank)”. Our mental picture of ourselves affects our health and wellness.

Now that you are aware of how your mental and emotional state affects you, what can you do besides take homeopathic medicine?  I would highly recommend two books.  Personality Plus by Florence Littauer and The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman .  Personality Plus helps you to understand your personality and the three other personality types.  By better understanding how you come across to others, you can modify the only thing you have control over and that is you. Once you understand this concept you would be surprised at how much better relationships will become.  Now if you just said I am not modifying anything, so and so has the problem, you are kidding yourself and you are a long way away from health and wellness.

Many times I hear people say, I don’t feel loved and their spouse or partner will say, I tell them all the time I love them.  Well that is where the book Love languages can come to the rescue.  Obviously the person saying I don’t feel loved has a love language that isn’t about words.  Maybe they feel loved by spending quality time together or if their partner does special things for them.  If you want to show someone you love them you have to do it in a way that is meaningful to them.

I have heard that love is the greatest gift.  When you feel loved you tend to be healthier and happier.

Diane Elms is a homeopath and specializes in Drugless Cancer Care and iridology.  If you have any health related questions contact Diane at