The other day I heard someone state that they had read a study on how an introvert impacts 100,000 people directly or indirectly in their lifetime.  I tried to find the study and was not successful at that but it really doesn’t matter, the statement itself really made me think about the power of our words and actions!

We have all experienced someone who has the gift of grumpy, negative thinking.  I know you are thinking of them right now.  When I was a teenager I worked in the food industry as a waitress.  The cook that worked on the weekends with me had that gift.  I dreaded coming to work because you could feel the negative, unhappy atmosphere and heaven help you if you had to bring a plate of food back because a customer wasn’t happy.  Her attitude and she was an introvert had a big impact on me, especially on my health.  My stomach was always in a knot when I had to work with her.  Let me assure you that I realize not all introverts have the gift of grumpy; I was just using that as an example.

Healthy habits include being happy.  Now happy doesn’t have to mean bouncing around laughing and gitty all the time but internally happy and it shows externally.

As I began to think about writing this article I happen to recall a conversation I had several years ago, so allow me to share with you.

It was a Friday the 13th in Port Dover, my husband, some friends and I rode our motorcycles to Dover to join the festivities.  We stopped in at one of the tented areas down town, put our gear on one of the picnic tables.  The guys were standing around talking, I had been sitting at the picnic table but had gotten up to use the facilities and when I returned a male was sitting in my spot at the picnic table.  Our eyes met and he said, “am I sitting in your spot”?  I replied yes but if you move over there is enough room for both of us. So he moved over.  He leaned over to me and said, “aren’t you afraid of me?” I leaned over to him and said no.  The male had his colours on from the gang he belonged to, the colours were Hell’s Angels.

He went on to explain how he had a sore back and couldn’t ride his motorcycle this year, he had driven up in a van with their merchandise.  Well, me being me asked him if he wanted me to pray for him.  The look on his face was sheer stunned.  I explained that I don’t believe in coincidences and if he was sitting in my spot we were to meet and I believed in the power of prayer.  To make a long story short, he agreed.  I prayed and when I was finish praying he said, ” that is the nicest bleep bleep thing anyone has ever done for me”.  We continued to talk for some time until the rest of his gang came and called him over to where they were sitting.

When we left, I went over to him and said goodbye and how it was nice to meet him.  The gang members all started asking who I was, he explained that I prayed for his back to be healed.

I know that on that Friday the 13th I had a direct and indirect impact on a handful of people.  Where the ripple of that one conversation went, I will never know.  But I would prefer whatever impact I have on people be a positive one.

Diane Elms D.H.M.H.S., Homeopath, Specialist in Drugless Cancer Care, Iridologist.  If you have any health related questions contact Diane,, 905 768 0848.