Last week I tried to explain how homeopathic medicine works and why one homeopathic medicine doesn’t fit all. So today’s health habit is understanding your options.

Many years ago I drove my grandmother from Hamilton to her trailer in Cayuga. On this particular trip I was also transporting her belongings for the months she would be staying at the trailer. As I was unpacking I noticed a large basket full of prescription drugs. My grandmother didn’t have any rare or life threatening health challenges but was on more than 20 prescriptions. It seemed that one drug needed two other prescriptions to counter the side effects. Hold that thought.

Soon, probably in the next three to nine months homeopathic medicine will be proclaimed, which means it will be fully regulated again. It also means that you will not likely be able to buy homeopathic medicine at the health food store or other stores that now sell homeopathic medicine. I think that is a good thing because homeopaths have the education to know what homeopathic medicine each individual person needs. Once again I want to stress homeopathic medicine is medicine and not to be taken lightly.

So what education does a homeopathy have? I am so glad you asked. If you want to become a homeopath you will need grade 12 chemistry and biology, 3 years post secondary education and a 3 year degree program at a qualified homeopathic school. After the person graduates from the qualified homeopathic school they will have to apply to the College of Homeopaths. This is the same process a doctor goes through. They have their post secondary education and then they apply to a medical school. When they graduate from the medical school they would then have to apply to the College of Physicians and Surgeons both colleges are regulated under the regulated health practitioner’s act.

So why did I take the time to write about homeopathic medicine and the education a homeopath has to have? Because you the reader need to know you have a choice.

This year there will be a provincial election and your tax dollars pay for the health care system. Maybe it’s time you and I start to tell the elected officials that we want our health care system to be a health care system and not just a pharmaceutical system.

Maybe, just maybe there is a better way to take medicine. What if homeopaths worked with doctors in hospitals and people had an option. Since you and I pay for the hospitals, doctors and medicine that is covered by OHIP you might want to also have homeopathic medicine and a homeopath covered by OHIP as well. Remember in the last article I stressed that homeopathic medicine is more cost effective than a comparable pharmaceutical drug. To give you an example a scientifically proven study, University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, led by Dr. Moshe Frenkel showed four homeopathic medicines worked as well or better then tamoxifen for breast cancer. The cost of the homeopathic medicine would have averaged $20 to $25 dollars here in Ontario. Oh yes, I forgot to mention, in the study they state the homeopathic medicine worked as well or better then tamoxifen without side effects. Therefore no other drugs would have had to been used which again is less dollars spent with as good as or better health care. You do the math!

You have a voice and collectively we have power, it’s time for a change.

Diane Elms D.H.M.H.S., CCI, CCII, Homeopath, Specializing in Drugless Cancer Care, 2006 Iridologist of the Year, if you have any health related questions contact or 905 768 0848.