Iridology is a neuro optic reflex evaluation tool. What is happening inside the body is revealed through the iris of the eye.

There are 7 zones or systems noted in the iris, representing the stomach, intestinal area, transportation of nutrients, 2 zones major muscles and organs of the body, lymphatic and circulatory, skin and bones. There are 3 eye colours and 4 eye structures that note predispositions. Understanding your predispositions gives you the knowledge, to focus on your unique and individual needs to improve your health and well-being.

Iris markings go from white/light to dark. The darker a marker is the longer it has been there, therefore the more toxic that area of your body may be.

Different colours of pigmentation show weaknesses to their corresponding organs, e.g. orange is related to pancreas, brown is related to liver.

Understanding your body’s weaknesses allows you to take control long before serious health issues appear and/or helps to find the root cause of current health challenges.