There has been so much talk and controversy over the topic of measles lately. This article will not be about should you or shouldn’t you be vaccinated because at last count when I was writing this article there were 22 confirmed cases of measles. When there was 19 confirmed cases 9 people had been vaccinated and 10 people had not been vaccinated. So even if you were vaccinated for measles this strain could be a different strain then the one you were vaccinated for. In fact out of the confirmed cases of measles there are already 2 different strains. What people need to know is that measles are a virus. (this link confirms the 22 and the 2 different strains

Just like the virus H1N1, some people will get the measles virus and some will not but what is important is to know the signs. The first sign is a fever and this is the most dangerous aspect of the virus. So if you have a fever even the slightly sign of a fever, stay at home because you don’t know if you have the measles or if you have a cold or the flue. Just stay at home. As well you may have a cough. This cough could move into the respiratory system just like H1N1 did. By day 3 or 4 if it is the measles you will see white spots in your mouth. The rest of the symptoms will still mimic the flu or a cold, watery red itchy eyes, swollen lymph’s and overall fatigue. Red spots will appear anywhere from 3 -7 days of the cycle and fever can accompany the spots. On average most of the symptoms will disappear in 10 days.

Normally I don’t like to give specifics but in this case specifics are needed. If you begin with a fever deal with the fever. Two homeopathic medicines that work well for fevers are Belladonna and Pulsatilla, 30ch would be a good potency to have on hand. You only take homeopathic medicine if symptoms appear and you stop taking homeopathic medicine when symptoms start to reduce. In the case of a fever you can redose in 15 minute increments for 3 or 4 doses to bring a fever down. If you are unsure what to do contact a natural health care practitioner, don’t go to their office. As well you could do the wet sock protocol to draw the fever away from the head which again is the most dangerous aspect of a high fever. The wet soak protocol requires two pairs of socks, one pair cotton and the other wool. You soak the cotton pair of socks in cold water and put them on, immediately put the dry wool socks on top of the wet socks. The heat is drawn away from the head and down to the feet. This could take hours.

Now let’s understand some history of measles, Google Metropolitan Life Insurance company 1945 report of measles and you will find the Life insurance company reported “the combined death rate of diphtheria, measles, scarlet fever and whooping cough declined 95 percent among children ages 1 to 14 from 1911 to 1945, before the mass immunization programs started in the United States.” The report goes on to state that they felt better nutrition was a factor for the decline, as well as other factors but nutrition was noted as one of the factors. Think of obesity in our youth today maybe just maybe and this is just a speculation, nutrition could be a factor with this virus.

Many aspects in life go in cycles and maybe this measles outbreak is just a cycle like many other viruses. Take into perspective “Officially, 130 people died of influenza last year in Toronto, but that figure probably captures only one-quarter of the cases; most go unreported. About 2,000 people die in Canada year from influenza or its complications.”

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