Today lets discuss healthy habits for skin care specifically facial skin care.

Every house hold should have organic apple cider vinegar in their kitchen. It is great for gall bladder and liver deep cleaning, as well one tablespoon here and there during the week is great for good digestion but did you know you should also keep some organic apple cider vinegar in your bathroom? Well now you do, so go get yourself a bottle of organic apple cider vinegar and a glass bowl. In the bowl place 3 or 4 cups of warm water and about a quarter cup of organic apple cider vinegar. Soak a soft face cloth in the solution and gentle wash your face and neck. The solution seems to tighten and rejuvenate the skin as well as reduce brown spots. If you are used to paying big bucks for facial products your wallet will love the very economical price of a bottle of apple cider vinegar.

Don’t be afraid to use the same solution on your chest, arms and hands as well.

One of the best eye makeup removers I have ever used I found accidentally. Several weeks ago I had a little abscess on my bottom eye lid. It was above my eye lashes and sat right on the edge irritated my eye ball. When my work day was over I removed my make up as usual and applied a little bit of coconut oil onto a Q-tip to rub on the abscess. As I was rubbing the coconut oil on the abscess I couldn’t believe how much make up was on the Q-tip. I thought I had removed all my make up, it looked like all my make up was off but I guess it wasn’t. Every since then I remove my make up with coconut oil. I put a little bit of the oil on my fingers and apply it on the areas where my eye makeup is. I then take a clean dry tissue and wipe it off.

By the way, the next day after I applied to coconut oil to the abscess, the abscess was gone.

Coconut oil can also be used as a facial scrub if you add some natural mineral salts to it. Gently rub the mixture over your skin and leave on for fifteen minutes or so and rinse off.

With any new thing you try on your skin you should apply the mixture or solution to a small area before you apply to your whole face or entire body.
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