Today’s healthy habit will benefit everyone. This article will be about the gift of giving and helping someone out that is in need.

Last week before our running club set out for the usually Thursday night run, we had a guest speaker. You could tell that the guest speaker was slightly uncomfortable. Not about speaking in public because he works at a local radio station, but about speaking about himself. I think in general most people have a hard time asking for help, especially for financial help. It was clear to me that our guest speaker was not comfortable asking for help but as he told his story, it was clear he needs help.

Have you ever just helped someone not because you had to but because you just wanted to? It is a nice feeling. That nice feeling you get when you have helped someone is called endorphins. When your endorphins get stimulated it gives you a happy feeling. Happy feelings or a happy heart is good for the soul, its good medicine.

The guest speaker went on to say that at the age of two he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma. It’s a form of cancer that attacks muscle cells. As he went on he said “good news is I beat it, but the bad news is, it took my leg”. As I looked at a poster about the guest speaker it stated the average lifespan of a prosthetic leg is 7 years or 2555 days. The counter on his prosthetic leg was at 2945 days or 21000165 steps taken at the time the poster was made. It is obvious he needs a new prosthetic of which the cost is estimated at $90,000.00.
My first thought was surely there has to be some sort of funding through OHIP but apparently the prosthetic that he needs is not covered by OHIP or by any government funding or medical insurance. Due to the lack of muscle tissue from the disease the prosthetic leg he needs is unique. What I found sad was when it came time for a Q & A it was mentioned if the guest speaker quit his job and went on social assistance then the prosthetic leg would be covered.

Now you are curious as to who the guest speaker was, aren’t you? Well his name is Aaron Gautreau and he delivers the news on a local radio station. If you would like to donate and help Aaron out you can go to any Scotia bank, account # 92452-0010820. Remember you are not only helping someone else but really you are helping yourself, remember your endorphins will increase and that is a very good healthy habit.

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