A common question readers ask me is, you mentioned that you could take a homeopathic medicine for arthritis, what homeopathic medicine would you recommend? A great question, but the challenge is homeopathic medicine doesn’t work like that, which in my opinion is a good thing. So today’s healthy habit is understanding homeopathic medicine.

Did you know that homeopathic medicine was the first medicine regulated in Ontario, even before pharmaceutical medicine! Homeopathic medicine is used throughout the world. Homeopathic medicine costs a fraction of the amount of any comparable pharmaceutical medicine. Homeopathic is medicine, in fact there were homeopathic hospitals in Ontario.
In the mid seventies Homeopathic medicine was de regulated, not because it stopped working. In 2007 Homeopathic medicine was re-regulated due to the general public’s increase in use.

So now let’s get back to the original question. There are hundreds of homeopathic medicines that could work for someone with arthritis. Pharmaceutical medicine deals with the physical symptoms but Homeopathic medicine deals with the physical symptoms and the personality of the patient. There are homeopathic medicine that just deal with physical symptoms like first aid remedies, oh ya, remedies and medicine are an interchangeable word in homeopathic medicine. The remedy phosphorus is used when there is bleeding, for an example when my grandson put his teeth through his lip the phosphorus remedy helped to stop the bleeding. When there is an injury to bones bryonia is good, injury to nerve endings or spine, the remedy Hypericum is great, if there is an injury or fall and a lot of bruising takes place or you think will take place you can use bellis perennis. One of the reasons why homeopathic medicine is being reregulated is due to the fact that people were taking the remedy arnica for one reason or another and they were also on a blood thinner which caused very serious health related issues. One person almost died due to using Arnica because it can also be used as a blood thinner. There are acute remedies for heart attacks, asthma, allergic reactions, stroke, seizures and much more.

I realize the concept of homeopathic medicine might be strange to some but it is only strange because you don’t have all the information. Homeopathic medicine works on the concept that you only give enough of the medicine to stimulate the body and then you give the body time to start to work on its own. So dosing a patient, or redosing a patient is very different then taking a prescription of pharmaceutical medicine. In homeopathic medicine a person might only need a dose once every month, or every three weeks it depends on when the remedy wears off. In some situations like an acute case you might have to redose or change the remedy every 15 minutes, depending on if the symptoms change.

The best way to use homeopathic medicine is to consider the wholistic approach or find a person’s constitutional remedy. A classical homeopathy will work in this way. By taking the wholistic approach a person will become balanced in the physical, mental and emotional state thus allowing the body to keep its vitality, thus keeping strong and well.

If you are curious, you can look up, or copy this link http://www.homeopathy-soh.org/research/research-and-the-society/research-news/cuban-vaccine-test/ to see the affects of using homeopathic medicine on over two million people in Cuba in 2007. This will prove homeopathic medicine is not a placebo.

Diane Elms D.H.M.H.S., CCI, CCII, Homeopath, Specializing in Drugless Cancer Care, 2006 Iridologist of the Year, if you have any health related questions contact diane@choicesforhealthandharmony.com or 905 768 0848.